Saturday, July 28, 2012

Batman Incorporated!

 By Anant Mathur (July 28, 2012)

Since I have a Batman theme going on in my posts this month it's only fitting that the months last post end with a bit of news about the Dark Knight.

If you're a comic book collector and/or an avid reader of them you would know that NEW comic books are released every Wednesday. Last week, on July 25, 2012, DC Comics was suppose to release the third installment of its ongoing comic book series Batman Incorporated. But after the recent catastrophe in Colorado, DC comics has requested all comic book retailers to delay the sales of Batman Incorporated #3 until August 22. It was originally reported as being delayed 'till end of August by DC, but it was recently discovered that the book had already shipped and DC was requesting all comic book retailers to delay the book's sales themselves. The issue was asked to be delayed by the publisher after the Aurora, Colorado, shooting last week. The issue contains some gun-related violence that could be viewed as insensitive in the wake of the mass murder. By the time of the shooting the deliveries of Batman Inc #3 had already shipped.

Before I knew about the delay, I did go looking for it but discovered that retailers are not allowed to sell it for another month even though they have it in stock; hence this post. An interesting approach, by DC Comics, to say the least.

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