Monday, August 20, 2012

Salman Khan: King of B.O.

By Anant Mathur (August 20, 2012)

The B.O. in this case refers to Box Office and not body odour. Salman's latest flick Ek Tha Tiger has crushed the opening day box office record set by Agneepath earlier this year when it earned approx. Rs. 22 crore nett on its opening day (breaking the Rs. 21.25 crore mark previously held by Salman Khan's Bodyguard). In fact, at 32.93 crores in nett collection on Opening Day, Ek Tha Tiger has earned almost 50% more than Agneepath. And it looks like EK Tha Tiger is well on its way to shattering the 1st week collections record held by... you'll never guess... Salman Khan! ...Bodyguard had an opening week (9 day extended week) of Rs. 100.15 crores. Ek Tha Tiger has already become the first film in Bollywood history to reach Rs. 100 crores in nett collection in its first weekend - in only 5 days - the previous record was 9 days.

Ek Tha Tiger had a phenomenal 5 day weekend although there were some dips on Thursday and Friday due to the fact that it's the last few days of the fasting period before Eid. The film held its ground and recovered magnificently from the dips on Saturday and Sunday.

Looks like Yash Raj Films is well on its way to recovering the money it has lost in the last 10 years after a series of flops, thanks again to Salman Khan. It seems whenever a production house is doing poorly they need Salman Khan to bring them back to contention.

Here is a breakdown of the extended 5 day weekend collections of Ek Tha Tiger:

Wed - Rs. 32.93 Crores
Thu - Rs. 14.50 Crores
Fri - Rs. 12.92 Crores
Sat - Rs. 16.75 Crores
Sun - Rs. 23.00 Crores
Total - Rs. 100.10 Crores

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