Thursday, October 4, 2012

Politically Incorrect!

By Anant Mathur (October 04, 2012)

You know all the political correctness that's been going on for the last few decades is really starting to ruin the enjoyment of life. I have nothing against the ideologies and beliefs of others, I say "live and let live", but at some point all this political correctness has to stop. You can't say anything these day (even as a joke) without fear of being sued, arrested or punched out or laughed at and ridiculed (as done so to celebrities and athletes in social media). Whatever happened to Freedom of Speech?

We can't go around changing everything just so every last person on the planet agrees with it - that's how dictatorships start. Everyone needs to stop being a clone of each other and be their own person and doing that involves a lot of political incorrectness. How come "vertically challenged" is acceptable and calling some one "short" is not, you're still being labelled - "vertically challenged" sounds much worst to me than "short"? You can call someone a "Heavy set man or woman" but you can't call them fat? "Heavy set" sound humongous - how can that be acceptable and a 3 letter word is not. Labels have always been around and always will be, you can either take them seriously or be mentally strong and know who you're as a person and not worry about what others think. What's the point of having a dictionary if we can no longer say half the words that are in it?

There's a film from 1963 called Shock Corridor in which they say the "N" word countless number of times. Now today, no one would dare say that word out loud (unless it was an African American gang member) but in many old films the word exists, does this mean we need to delete scenes from all the old movies so that no one is offended. How can we do that, it's a part of history, deleting unfortunate situations from history is not the solution. Instead it would give a false sense of being. What will we tell future generations when we speak about our history, are we going to tell them what happened but keep all the details out? Are we not going to tell them about how the Jewish people were tormented by the Nazi and sent to concentration camps with a number on their arms, do we keep those details out, so they never know about the camps or numbers?

About a year and a half ago, the 1985 Dire Straits hit Money For Nothing was banned from Canadian Radio. The decision was reached after one listener complained to St. John's radio station CHOZ-FM due to the song's use of the word "faggot," finding it to be discriminatory to gays. Seriously, one guy had a problem with it and they banned it for the whole country, I'm so glad we live a democratic society. Of course, the decision was reversed several months later after being reviewed by the Canadian Broadcast Standards, but the point is why was some idiot able to get it banned in the first place. What's next they're going to ask Sir Paul McCartney to change the lyrics of Hey Jude to Hey Dude?

If gay people want rights, including, the right to get married there's nothing wrong with that, but instead of changing Christianity start your own religion and get the politicians to support it. When Sikhism was established in India they had their own religious beliefs and their own Sikh Gurus, their own wedding rituals, they didn't change the Hindu religion or Gurus and Gods to be a part of their beliefs. The Sikhs who do believe in the Hindu religion don't argue that Rama, Krishna or Shiva, etc. are Sikhs, so why are African Americans so adamant on changing Jesus into a black person - start your own religion and have a black god - oh wait they already have that in Africa, duh! African Americans are loosing their culture and religion by conforming to the religion and beliefs of the white man. They have to stop trying to be white and accept their own traditions, values, literature & gods - it all exists.

And of course, political correctness has made its way into the entertainment medium too - in the upcoming Superman film "MAN OF STEEL" the Daily Planet's editor, Perry White, who has been a white male since the comics first started is going to be played by an African American actor - "Hello!", even his name is White? I have no issues with an African American being the editor of the Daily Planet but why does he have to be called Perry White why can't they create a new character. Same thing happened in the Cinderella storyline on the Once Upon a time TV series - the fairy godmother is suddenly black. Why can't they have African American stories for African Americans - why do they have to change the stories that have been a part of history. The upcoming TV show Elementary is about Sherlock Holmes except there's a twist, the part of his assistant (Dr. Watson) is being played by a woman and not just a woman but an actress of Chinese descent - I'd love to hear their explanation for why she's named Dr. Watson if she's of Chinese descent - I'm certain Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is spinning in his grave. Would it not have made more sense to kill off Watson and make her Holmes' new assistant, especially since the story now takes place in New York City. Here's a thought... Dr. Watson is murdered and Holmes ends up in New York while trying to figure out who killed him. Here's hoping this show is a big flop and gets cancelled after 3 episodes and we never have to hear of it again.

In the new Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, Marvel decided to change with the times and have an African American as Spider-Man, but instead of making Peter Parker a black person, they killed him off and came up with a new African American character (Miles Morales) who is now Spider-Man. That's how it should be. You shouldn't be able to mess with character origins, Bruce Wayne cannot be African American, but there could be an African American Batman as long as his alter ego is someone else and not Bruce Wayne. You don't hear the French, the Indians or the Russians saying that Bruce Wayne is French, Hindu or Russian. Let him be white and enjoy the story. Thankfully when they do Indianise a white character he does become an Indian character, like in the short lived Spider-Man: India comic, Peter Parker became a dhoti wearing villager named Pavitr Prabhakar.

Like it or not the white man had the foresight to envision the infrastructure we have in most of the free world today. The industrial revolution, the internet superhighway, cars, aircrafts, television, radio, submarines, ships, coca cola, Christmas, Valentine's Day, etc. - were all dreamed up by white men and along the way they've been able to keep their culture and religion going strong whether it's through books, television, singers, dancers, comedians, radio or comic books, etc.

Indians, African Americans, Chinese, etc., we are brilliant yes, but we haven't done anything that has inspired others to copy us. Instead of mimicking them we should learn from them and apply the same to our own culture before it's too contaminated by the west and lost forever. You don't see the white man migrating to India or China and telling them to change their characters in books or films (I don't think at any time Devdas has been a white male) or Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. have been played by white actors.

Even when a white actor has played an African American character they've done so with black make-up on their face, they haven't changed the character to a white person. So, why then when we as minorities reach North America or Europe do we expect the white man to change his culture and beliefs to reflect our ethnicity. We are privileged that we have the opportunity to better ourselves and provide for future generation in the west, but let us not get ridiculous. The only way to stay Indian, African American, or Chinese is to practice our beliefs and traditions copying the west or changing characters in their stories to reflect our minorities isn't going to help any culture.

I guess it will be difficult to change the minds of billions of people to not be so consumed by the west or to be politically incorrect especially with politicians on the political correctness band wagon (because it helps them win elections when they support the African American, Indian, Hispanic, Chinese or the gay communities), but hopefully here's a start.

© Anant Mathur. All Rights Reserved.

DISCLAIMER: The above post is meant for entertainment purposes only; readers shouldn't take it seriously or interpret it as advice.


Anonymous said...

The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.

Anant Mathur said...

Dude, if that's the worst thing that's happened to you today, you should be grateful, many other people in this world don't have it so good. The point of my blog posts is to educate and entertain and like it happens with Food, drinks, clothes, TV shows or movies not everyone likes the same things.

The purpose of these post is not that I am right. The purpose is to throw a subject out there and get people thinking on it and post their opinions whether they agree or disagree, just as you have. So, I guess it's brilliant because I have accomplished what I set out to do.

Perhaps the way I worded things is not to your liking. But the content is very true today. Apparently, you have no idea how many people are affected by these issues. You may be too ignorant to notice that people are losing their own culture because they're too influenced by the west. Racism still exists and labels have always and always will exist. Even with political correctness all you're doing is changing one label to another. The point is there should be no labeling in the first place.

Please tell me how I "fix it" since you believe it's so easy. How do I stop billions of people from labeling others or losing their culture and values. Do you think Indian people would be happy if others changed all their gods into white men and women or people of Chinese or African descent. Of course not, there would be an uproar! How do I "fix it", so that's acceptable. It's not acceptable and shouldn't be because that's a part of someone's history and culture. Similarly, books and films are part of a country's history and culture and changing a character to a different race doesn't make any sense when you can just as easily change it to a different character of any race.

Since you feel, it's so easy to fix these issues. I'll give you a minute to "fix it". There are approximately 150 words in a one minute speech. Please go ahead and "fix it" in 150 words or less.

By the way it's not whining, it's called a rant and those are quite popular these days. You may want to look up that word.